Aug 29, 2013

Feel the Bit (Melting memory) / 12. Venice Biennale of Architecture

"Outdoor spaces consist of situations and atmospheres created by encounters and interactions between moods, smells, noises, cracks, temperatures, colours, intensities: these are software bits that enliven the city hardware. There are ways to feel, enjoy and live these spatialities. There are also ways to see them, draw them and map them. We were intrigued to collect them, to find them in one place and to extract them. We looked for ways to capture them.
We manufactured the cartridge. We try to make them transferable, to show them, revive them and let them blossom in other places. We built the printer. We built the machine that fabricates mixtures of local outdoor conditions with the frozen ones of the cartridge and renders their interactions."

12. Venice Biennale of Architecture / Austrian Pavillion

Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava
Department of Architecture

supervisors: Next Enterprise architects, Vito Halada, Martin Gsandtner, Imro Vaško, Jano Hriešik

AFAD team: Danica Pišteková, Eliška Gálová, Tereza Grešková, Adriana Debnárová, Erik Novitzky, Martin Zaiček, Kristína Králová, Matej Brzý

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