Oct 1, 2013

Soft City / Mäkké mesto

1. Choose the problem (softness) 2. Made an artefact (foam model) 3 Change the scale (soft city)

The main goal was to invoke uncontrollable desire to solve own architectural problem methodically, out of the field of architecture itself and then to apply this abstract model back to architecture - to the scale of city.   
In this process, contextual solutions, typological or ad-hoc answers were forgotten.  

photo by: Danica Pišteková, Branislav Pištek

collaboration: Ondrej Zachar

Academy of Fine Arts and Design 2008/2009 Department of Architecture _Bratislava, Slovakia

supervisors: Benjamín Brádňanský, Vito Halada (http://www.nla.sk/)

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